Scheer PAS

The Scheer Platform

The Scheer PAS Platform consists of many components that make up its strength and features allowing companies and organizations to push for their digitization goals. The following describes the different components.

Scheer PAS is the process automation & integration platform for flexible, agile, end-to-end support of individual processes and business applications. It stands for digitization and automation, independent of the number of people, systems or companies, which must be connected.

Scheer PAS is our flagship product which we use to implement our client solutions. The choice was made as it covers not only classic integration features but allows to expand into business process digitization and automation right up to the development of corresponding business applications. Further, it allows our clients to build future-oriented IT infrastructures that are easy to operate and yet sophisticated enough to embrace normally challenging topics like API Management or Developer Portal to expand the digital areas of their businesses.

Scheer PAS in a Nutshell

  • Application development and integration in a single platform
  • Fast adaptation and integration to your existing IT landscape
  • Low-code-based development of business applications
  • Seamless and flexible, adaptable interaction of your IT components
  • Fast return on investment through model-to-execute approach
  • Intelligent IT-Integration
  • Minimal hardware footprint

The Scheer PAS Components