Artificial Intelligence – AI

The strengths of AI for processes lie in decision support and automation. Direct integration of state-of-the-art AI technologies in business processes enables intelligent automation of individual activities right up to end-to-end automation of the entire process. Integrated monitoring of AI services ensures permanent availability and consistent performance. 

How does it work?

AI services are designed and developed by data scientists based on the requirements of your special processes. Experts manage with the algorithm structure and function, train the AI, and ensure seamless integration into the process. 

Trained AI can be retrained at any time in order to exploit additional potential. Retraining is carried out in an additional infrastructure so that the retrained AI can replace the existing version with no interruptions to ongoing operations. 


There is a development cycle for set-up and training of AI as well as the operational cycle for ongoing operations. This ensures that the learning unit (development cycle) and the executing unit (operational cycle) are treated separately from each other. This means that the AI can be trained in a specially adapted data center and, after the training has been completed, it can be made available again via Scheer PAS. 

Interfaces, Monitoring and Use

With Scheer PAS API Management, the necessary interfaces for use of AI are managed and secured centrally, and they can be made available to developers, partners, and customers.

To ensure the most efficient deployment of AI, the central monitoring function can recognize peak times where there is greater burden on the AI, or times when there are no queries and the AI can be paused. This enables optimal use of resources and high availability of your AI, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Artificial Intelligence and Standards

Scheer PAS applies the latest standards of AI standardisation. In this way, Scheer PAS ensures that AI use cases are implemented sustainably, ethically and in accordance with the latest safety standards “Made in Germany”.

By participating in the creation of the “DEUTSCHE NORMUNGSROADMAP KÜNSTLICHE INTELLIGENZ”, Scheer PAS are involved from the very beginning and incorporate the latest standards into our platform.

Why AI with Scheer PAS?

  • Seamless integration of artificial intelligence into the process 
  • Separation of development/training and ongoing operations 
  • Automatic scaling of AI use for higher or lower loads 
  • Reuse of AI service for multiple processes 
  • Facility to separate infrastructure components 
    • Training on critical data in the company network 
    • Execution of AI in the cloud (only metadata in the form of a fully-trained model leaves the company) 
    • Option to train in the Scheer cloud with potential for cost reduction
  • Automatic scaling of AI use for higher or lower loads 

AI services seamlessly integrate into all processes and applications running on the Scheer PAS platform, from classic back-end integration services right to business processes interacting with web based user interfaces.

There is a clear separation of development/training of the AI and the operational AI.

Scheer PAS AI automatically scales resource usage depending on the higher or lower loads.

All Scheer PAS AI services can be reused across the PAS platform.

Scheer PAS has a facility to separate infrastructure components.

  • Training on critical data in company networks
  • Execution of AI in the cloud (only metadata in the form of a fully-trained model leaves the company)
  • Option to train in the Scheer cloud with potential cost reduction