Training & Support

When creating solutions for our clients, usability is an important focus point. Nevertheless, solutions can be complex, and with this need training next to the documentation of the system. As digitization projects involve not only business solution front-end applications but also the back-end integration and operations of these, we cover the full range for training and support.

Platform Training

Scheer PAS being the platform of choice has many components with powerful features which we know and can introduce and train your teams in. This includes but not limits trainings for:

  • Scheer PAS Designer
  • Scheer PAS Integration
  • Scheer PAS API Management
  • Operating the Scheer PAS Platform

Depending on the usage, the training can be easily customized to your needs.


Our support services is not limited to a post-go live support. A solution and its platform is not static and in a market that is so highly dynamic like the information technology, the solutions need to adapt and improve as well.
Our support services are adaptable and flexible to adjust to the clients needs, from operational audits to 24/7 standby support in case of high-availability systems.

Solution Training

When we build a solution for our clients, the employees that will need to use the application or system can be trained by our experts. The training program is customized and aligned with the client and the solution. This applies of course also to operational training of System Administrators to cover the operational side as well.