Once a solution design is agreed on with the client, we proceed into the implementation and development. As we usually develop using agile methods, we provide small quick wins which can easily be tested, reviewed and signed-off.

Project Management

The project management is an important activity to ensure the project team members can perform and develop the system in a well managed environment and along the planned timeline.

Our project manager's are experienced not only in managing a project but have as well experience with the technologies to ensure projects are well understood.

Software Development

Our software engineers cover the requirements for creating solutions and implement also complex algorithms, be it a complex data mapping in a back-end integration service or responsive web application that can be used in a desktop or mobile environment.

Our Experience covers:
- Application Integration
- System Integration
- Business Process Automation
- Web-Application Development
- UX
- and many more.


The created solutions and its components are commonly unit tested and at the end stage, end-to-end tested.

We test as follows:
- Unit Testing during Development
- Automated Regression Testing
- End-to-End System Testing

When testing solutions, we engage closely with our client to ensure the testing is done with the knowledge of the client.


As with all complex platforms, operating the systems are often connected with complex topics. For clients that prefer having operations done externally, we offer to do that for you.

We provide operations service for cloud based or on-premise installations and ensure the platform works at it's best.