Scheer PAS Integration

Formerly known as the E2E Bridge, PAS Integration is the powerful model-driven ESB used in many successful projects around the globe.

Intelligent integration is the base for digital transformation. Modern business models require flexible and transparent IT landscapes where changes can be implemented rapidly. Digitization only works if new systems and processes can be integrated quickly and intelligently into the existing system landscape. If your IT systems are not interacting optimally, then your processes and your efficiency suffer. And if you cannot react quickly and flexibly to new challenges, your competitiveness suffers.


In Scheer PAS, not only Business Processes and User Interfaces are created visually and using standard modeling notations, but also the integration is model driven. This allows developers to very quickly implement complex integration scenarios.

An integration platform is only as strong as it’s ability to integrate 3rd party systems. The adapters coming with Scheer PAS not only specific connectivity to various systems but also use technology adapters which give high flexibility and even more broaden the ability of the ESB.

Intelligent interlinking of all systems, processes and employees is the key success factor. Using a central integration component is the key that enables companies to act with flexibility and agility. For more than 20 years, we have been solving complex integration and digitalization tasks and, thanks to our model-based approach, we guarantee agility, speed and transparency.

The PAS Integration platform is not only resourceful but highly efficient when processing large amounts of data and transactions. This is especially interesting for industries that rely on stable and fast transaction processing like finance and e-commerce.

By default, the PAS Integration platform comes with all application-, system- and technology adapters that cover all industries from financial and healthcare to e-commerce and production.

All transactions going through Scheer PAS can be tracked and made available in the Scheer PAS analytics dashboard. This allows to always have an up-to-date view of what your integrated processes are doing and how they perform.

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