EDI Management

Companies depend on being able to transmit increasing numbers of documents, information and data rapidly and securely. Using manual methods, they quickly reach the limits of what is acceptable from an economic and quality perspective. 

Most companies also insist that their partners be reachable via EDI networks and that they are integrated into the company’s own system.

Our EDI software enables this. 

Manage and control your data exchange via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) using a clear and uncluttered user interface. Mappings and BPMN integrations can be connected seamlessly. End-to-end tests of processing can be carried out at any time. 

Our EDI software makes you independent of service providers and eliminates transaction costs. Also, it does not limit you to any specific message format. You are flexible with regard to your use of EDI protocols and the system is open for all types of new protocols. The same applies to message formats. Whether it is XML, SAP IDoc or UN/EDIFACT, or EDIFACT subsets, or even special message formats such as VD or HL7: you can transmit messages in all formats. 

You edit and process messages and independently connect partners and customers. No costs are incurred here and we guarantee 

  • No limit to the number of possible partners 
  • No limit to document exchange 

And that’s a promise!