Scheer PAS DevOps

The development of new applications and the intelligent integration of all application systems pose a constant challenge for the areas of Development and IT operations. Business processes and the supporting IT systems must adapt to new requirements in ever shorter cycles.

Development and deployment processes are becoming increasingly dynamic. Scheer PAS DevOps supports the requirements that result from this trend through its modular structure and container architecture.

DevOps not only describes a simple procedure, but it also requires a complete rethink of IT philosophy. The most important factor here is the merging of the development team with IT operations. Scheer PAS supports IT teams with the customized implementation of DevOps processes. The collaboration of Development and IT operations and all the steps from development through a deployment right up to monitoring are greatly simplified. Scheer PAS offers high automation potential in the entire DevOps process, whether it is low code, pro code, integration, or AI-based services. All of the people involved can collaborate effectively.

Scheer PAS supports the entire DevOps pipeline and thus ensures continuous integration and continuous delivery. The process can be adapted to the special requirements of each company.

In the design phase, the PAS Designer can be used to develop both process apps and integration services with low code features. The web-based tool can be deployed model-oriented with BPMN 2.0 and xUML. To implement more specific or more complex requirements, there is a pro code variant that is also seamlessly integrated into the DevOps pipeline.

Processes of the build and test phase can also be adapted or set up in the DevOps pipeline to meet specific company requirements. Here, we rely on state-of-the-art technologies and we use build servers to build the applications and the associated docker containers.

For continuous testing and troubleshooting, you can integrate various test frameworks. Depending on the requirements, regression tests can be used here. This way, Scheer PAS ensures the integrity of new functionality and applications, especially in the pro-code area.

Docker containers and a containerized deployment process ensure that productive applications or integration processes are not disrupted by deployment.

The standardized engine enables integrated execution of business process logic and integration logic. This ensures optimized and stable operation (Run) of all applications at all times.

In addition, Scheer PAS provides ONE Monitoring component for the entire DevOps pipeline. This provides a convenient overview of all information relating to the DevOps process in one place.

Benefits Overview

  • Customizable DevOps pipeline
  • Design processes can be implemented with low code tools and pro code methods
  • Containerized deployment
  • Standardized monitoring of the entire DevOps pipeline
  • Integrated execution of all components within one engine (processes, integration, AI services)