Benefits of Model-Driven Development

Model Driven Development  (MDD)  is a software development methodology that uses standard graphical models to construct a diagram and flow of processes and process steps to be developed into a system or application.

ONETool Solutions Inc at the 30th BAIPHIL Convention

ONETool at the 30th BAIPHIL Convention held in Baguio City. As a Fintech provider, we aim to contribute to the 2018-2019 theme of “Fostering Stewardship amidst Financial Innovations” thru providing high quality solutions upholding transparency and future-ready technology.

Robotic Process Automation

What is RPA and When do you need it?

Do you still have operational or business process steps that are repeatedly done over and over by so many resources? Need these steps to be done faster and more accurately? Are these processes steps documented in the mind of your employees too? Then it’s time to for Robotics Process Automation!

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ONETool is your ideal digitization partner: Here’s WHY

In this age where speed and agility has become a basic expectation by the clients, you want your company to deliver technological services ahead of your competitors. But with the current manual processes and silo systems that you have…

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E2E Commerce in operation at Agri Retail

The Dutch franchise chain Welkoop used a complicated IT landscape based on data transfers and batch processing. Many functions could be found in duplicate and even triplicate form. In order to fulfill the demands of management, the online shop and their Omni-channel strategy Welkoop needed to modernize its IT landscape – during ongoing operations.

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A Short Introduction to Data Integration: Definition, Process, and Benefits

To IT Professionals and Technology Experts alike, the world of IT is a universe of innovation, creation, and new possibilities. To average people, however, it’s a complex world composed of intelligent human beings that speak a different language

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What is API Management and How Does It Work?

API or Application Programming Interface is a software intermediary that enables two applications to talk to each other. For instance, whenever you interact with your friends on Facebook, you’re using API. Do not be confused yet. You will understand the subject as you read on.

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How We Shop in the Internet of Things

When it comes to shopping, we all know that brick and mortar has experienced immense decline since the birth of e-commerce. What was once a feared activity – sending credit card information online, is now a normal thing in any household. It’s fast, convenient and success stories outweigh the bad reviews in a larger scale.

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E2E Commerce: Your Solution-2-Go!

With the rise of social media and aggressive digital marketing in the past five to ten years, we have seen a large decline in the presence of brick and mortar shops. Now, more than ever, online shopping is the norm and more and more people are buying all their consumer goods at the click of a fingertip.