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E2E Commerce in operation at Welkoop

On the way from batch operation to Omni Channel Commerce

The Dutch franchise chain Welkoop used a complicated IT landscape based on data transfers and batch processing. Many functions could be found in duplicate and even triplicate form. In order to fulfill the demands of management, the online shop and their Omni-channel strategy Welkoop needed to modernize its IT landscape – during ongoing operations.


  • Data system based ERP
  • More than 40 Point-to-Point-Integrations via FTP-Transfer
  • New integrations were realized by service providers
  • Inadequate documentation of interfaces

Welkoop faces the challenge of adapting its historically developed IT landscape to today’s challenges like omni-channelcommerce. The intention is to replace batch processing with real time processing and distribution. This means, amongst other things, the replacement of more than 40 point-to-point integrations between the ERP system and online shop.

In the past, know-how for new projects needed to be sourced from external service providers, turning new application integration projects into relatively time and cost intensive undertakings.The launch of a new customer card, encompassing all channels, f nally kick- started the creation of a modern hybrid platform. Offl ine and online purchases needed to be registered in the same way and suitable product recommendations and discounted promotions needed to be automatically offered. The customer needed to be guaranteed a seamless shopping experience, both in brick-and- mortar stores as in the online shop.


  • Omni-channel-information model and integration platform
  • Templates and libraries as basis for new integration services
  • Monitoring of integration and mapping

With E2E BRIDGE as its integration platform, Welkoop is fully committed to Omni-channel commerce as its future route into E- commerce. To
meet the challenges on the CRM side, Welkoop has implemented the cloud based CRM solution Salesforce.com. E2E BRIDGE has centralized the connections of all systems. The data fl ow for the shops is permanently monitored to minimize the impact of errors. Via timely warnings potential errors are corrected before customer actions are affected. Through the model based approach the interfaces are documented and no longer a Black Box. Problems are quickly localized and analyzed, an enormous improvementover the previous situation.


A clear advantage is, however, that the performance of the Ecommerce platform is no longer dependent on the know-how of external service providers. As part of the project, technical interface libraries and model templates were created. By re-use of these technical components, internal IT employees can realize new integration projects independently. Alongside savings on the high costs of service providers this also saves time and gives Welkoop the fl exibility the company needs in a rapidly changing E- commerce environment. A good example of this is the implementation of a new Point-of-Sale system in the branches. The connection of the new system with an Oracle database took just four hours and thus could be realized in a very short time frame.

At a strategic level Welkoop prof ts from the advantages that E2E BRIDGE offers. The IT department now has an overview of the entire e-commerce landscape and detailed information about each interface.


The Omni-channel E-commerce platform offers many advantages for the customers and the dealers at their locations. Customers profit from a perfect shopping experience – online as well as offl ine. Customers can check stock levels of their chosen article before they drive to the store and, if needed, go to another branch or order directly online. Welkoop’s Loyalty Program works seamlessly in all brick-and-mortar stores as well as in the online store.

Dealers anxious about the cannibalization of their own business through online trading also prof t from the Omni-channel platform at Welkoop.
For example, dealers have a share in the online turnover of their regular customers. They continue to remain motivated to give their customers the best advice in store.


  • Continuous adaptation to the changing demands of the business
  • Transparency over all interfaces
  • Quick analysis and access to all interfaces
  • Despite changes and adaptations always full control over IT functions
  • Goods and customer information is always up-to-date: on every channel
  • Unified model based platform replaces 40+ Point-to-Point integrations
  • Internal IT employees realise previously outsourced integration projects themselves
  • New business ideas can be realized in cooperation between business and IT
  • The E2E platform facilitates seamless support to the business of Welkoop

In line with our experience in the market, we anticipated a project duration of two months for the realization of the interfaces for our new POS system. Using E2E BRIDGE we realized the interfaces by ourselves in under two weeks.

Carel van RijsewijkManager ICT, Welkoop

Our IT department can now quickly meet the challenges set by our operations team. Regardless of where the request comes from, be it management, logistic department, within the delivery chain or from another area, with E2E BRIDGE we can deliver the solution independently and fast.

Carel van RijsewijkManager ICT, Welkoop

About Welkoop

Welkoop Rail BV was founded in 1899 under the name “Het Centraal Bureau” as a small agricultural trading company. Today, the company operates specialist retail outlets for gardens and pet accessories under the name Welkoop. Welkoop also licenses the operation of these specialist stores. In total there are over 150 stores with a total of 1500 employees in the Netherlands. 125 staff at Welkoop focus on making sure that the specialist dealers can concentrate fully on their customers. Amongst other functions, support, HR and IT are all organized centrally.

Visit their website at – https://www.welkoop.nl/