Artificial Intelligence – AI

The strengths of AI for processes lie in decision support and automation. Direct integration of state-of-the-art AI technologies in business processes enables intelligent automation of individual activities right up to end-to-end automation of the entire process.


Our Approach is holistic and taking all aspects into consideration to provide all services for a successful digital transformation project.

Hybrid IT Integration

Today’s corporate IT landscapes are often a mix of on-premise systems and applications that run in a cloud environment and in many cases these systems are not integrated or working together.

Scheer PAS DevOps

The development of new applications and the intelligent integration of all application systems pose a constant challenge for the areas of Development and IT operations. Business processes and the supporting IT systems must adapt to new requirements in ever shorter cycles.

EDI Management

Companies depend on being able to transmit increasing numbers of documents, information and data rapidly and securely. Our EDI solution is flexible and covers all your needs.

Scheer PAS API Management

Scheer PAS API Management enables your organization to easily manage and securely make your API available to internal organizations and external partners.

Scheer PAS Process Mining

Digitizing and automating your organizations business processes is incomplete without a powerful way to measure and monitor them.

Scheer PAS Integration

A solid and performant integration is a must in today’s enterprise IT landscapes. Be it a legacy system or a cloud based application, Scheer PAS integrates with ease.

Scheer PAS Designer

With Scheer PAS Designer Low-Code Projects are the Standard. Accelerate Time-To-Market of your Business Applications!